RoP Online – Meeting 5

November 9, 2020: Teaching

We transitioned into objects and design in this meeting. The pace of these latter meetings are slower. It is a combination of the content to be explored and responding to participants’ needs. Role plays to examine how we facilitate conversations and feature our objects Three skits were featured. Each exaggerated in-person, educator facilitated conversations based […]

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RoP Online – Meeting 4

November 1, 2020: Teaching

This meeting finished up our content on learning, with a particular focus on the role of talk. Collective recall: Prior knowledge We started the meeting with a collective recall of the previous meeting. Everyone was invited to recall and share out what they remembered. Someone started “there was ice cubes.”  A collective recall is not a […]

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RoP Online – Meeting 3

October 25, 2020: Teaching

We examined prior knowledge in learning this week. Educators know it’s important to connect to what learners know. Active engagement and social interactions Hopefully, by now, our routines are becoming familiar. The first couple of meetings were likely disorienting. We ask you to advance your own pages on Canvas as we progress. There are collaborative […]

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RoP Online – Meeting 2

October 18, 2020: Teaching

This week’s meeting continues the conversation on learning.  The meeting is organized into three big chunks. How people learn Twenty minutes is never enough time for a research discussion, but that was all the time we had allotted for it this week.  Learning styles is such a pervasive idea that is incredibly difficult to let […]

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RoP Online – Meeting 1

October 11, 2020: Teaching

Meeting 1 for our new online series We launched RoP Online this week. Feeling excited and a bit overwhelmed that four facilitator teams are teaching four cohorts of Reflecting on Practice (RoP) Online with educators from across the country and cultural sector. This experience is a quick and massive pivot for everyone, including for us.  Teaching […]

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Highlights from Meeting 4 on April 10, 2020

April 13, 2020: Teaching

This fourth online meeting, the community engaged in another Video Reflection. One of our RoP Leaders, Lindzy Bivings from California Academy of Sciences, volunteered to be educator-presenter. Given everyone’s focus on teaching online, Lindzy selected a lesson and problem from one of her distance learning classes with kindergarteners.  These moments highlight the strength and versatility […]

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Highlights from Meeting 3 on April 8, 2020

April 10, 2020: Uncategorized

For our third online meeting, we did another interactive science exploration. The Two Balloons hands-on activity comes from Module 3 Session 2. We wanted to offer another opportunity to model that teaching online can be interactive. It is possible that our learners (all of you) are more intrinsically motivated to stay with us than perhaps […]

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Highlights from Meeting 2 on April 3, 2020

April 5, 2020: Teaching

This meeting focused on leading a Video Reflection online. We wanted to make the point that reflecting on your practice and problem solving together can continue to be done online. So, don’t stop those habits and routines. You are merely shifting them online. Catherine & I have been doing this for several years now with […]

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Beware of uninvited disrupters

April 3, 2020: Teaching

With everyone using video conferencing platform like Zoom, there has been instances of Zoom bombing. Read the story from NPR to understand what is Zoom bombing. Protect yourself with settings to prevent zoom-bombing.

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