Educators doing the Mystery Tube String Pulling activity

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RoP team at LHS

Lynn Tran, Program Creator and Director, Principal Investigator
Catherine Halversen, Program Creator and Director, Co-Principal Investigator
Sarah Pedemonte, Program Manager

Ardice Hartry and Rosalinda Nava, Evaluation Team

The Lawrence Hall Science (the Hall) is the public science center of the University of California, Berkeley. The Hall partners with world-class scientists, engineers, educational leaders, and teachers with the goal of developing and disseminating the most innovative and effective science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) programs available today. The Hall’s mission is to inspire and foster science learning for all—especially for those with limited access to science.

This broad implementation effort is supported by the National Science Foundation (DRL-1612515). Initial development and field testing of Reflecting on Practice was supported by the National Science Foundation (ESI-0540417) and the Institute for Museums and Library Services (21MP-09-0002-09).